Artist's Biography

Böbe was born and raised in Hungary. She began her twenty-plus year journey studying fine arts in Europe. In 1989, following five years of formal study, she began expanding her repertoire, traveling abroad to learn languages and experience new cultures. Böbe spent a few years in Israel exploring the art and culture of the Middle East. Great inspiration for her work came while on the beaches of Tel-Aviv. Her first portraits and seascapes began to emerge.

In 1992 she settled in Munich, Germany where she experimented with different painting techniques by taking art classes in different art schools, including one year at the Kunst Academy (Academy of Arts). Böbe started to develop her own style, first landscapes and stillleben (still-life), than portraits and akts (nude art). Sometimes surrealistic and abstract paintings emerged with great variety.

In 1995, Böbe had her first major Art Show in Munich, which consisted of twenty oil paintings of various subject matters, including the children of the war in Yugoslavia. The show created a huge success, featured in two major Munich newspapers. Besides her exhibitions, Bobe was able to earn her income from consignments and other private sales in Germany.

In the summer of 1999 she moved to California and started a new family and a new chapter in her life…Today Böbe lives in Carmel with her family.

She continues to refine her artistic skills featuring the beautiful landscapes of the Carmel region, and creating unique surrealistic paintings.

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Photo by: Robert McLaren