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Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Surgery

DR. DENES is the most experienced HERNIA specialist on the Monterey Peninsula.
WHAT IS HERNIA: Normally, the organs within the abdominal cavity are held in place by a strong, muscular "girdle" that keeps them properly positioned and functioning correctly. A hernia develops when the outer layers of the abdominal wall become weak, or actually tears. The hole in this layer then allows the inner lining of the abdominal cavity to protrude through creating a sac. The most common site for hernias are the umbilical and inguinal (groin) area. The other common place is through an old incision site. This is called an incisional hernia.
People get hernia’s for various reasons. Some people have a congenital defect in their abdominal walls which allow for multiple hernias to form. Lifting heavy objects, sudden twists, pulls or muscle strains. Obese people have a tendency to get hernias because of the increased weight causing an increase in the intra-abdominal pressure. It is important to seek early treatment because severe complications may develop from untreated hernias. If a loop of bowel becomes trapped in the hernia sac, it may become obstructed or lose its blood supply. Both conditions can be life-threatening. This condition is called an incarcerated hernia.
If laparoscopic surgery is indicated, three small incisions will be made in the abdominal wall; one for the laparoscope and the other two for surgical instruments.
Recovery from Laparoscopic hernia repair varies from patient to patient. Some patients experience a lot of discomfort and pain. You will be required to walk 30 minutes a day everyday after your surgery. It is important that you avoid heavy lifting for a minimum of 4 weeks. You may resume driving about 2-3 days after your surgery as long as you are not taking narcotic pain medications.
SOURCE: Dr.Naanam.com